Here are some words of wisdom I heard recently - a rule for life: "Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street."
Why is that so wise? Because life can be tough, and when you look ahead too far it can seem impossible to manage. So the answer is to shorten that time horizon, shrink it down - don't look ahead too far. What's in this moment, the one Eventually, that you can value and take joy in?
That thing might be, according to the above-quoted dictum, a cat sitting on a lawn you're passing, or eyeing you from a garden retaining wall. Go and pet the cat, rub its head, tickle its belly, because at this moment it's the thing that brightens your world.

So it's not just a directive to pet a cat, which would be a good thing anyway. It's about focusing on the thing that redeems life in this moment, and not passing it by. Conveniently, today's Furry Friday presents you with a virtual spring collection of cats that you can, virtually, stop and pet. Scroll and enjoy, don't pass them by.